PAYE Modernisation Release 1: Authorisation Certificates

Over the past few months, we have been discussing PAYE Modernisation on our blog. The new functionality for PAYE Modernisation will be released in stages over the next 2 weeks. We are happy to announce the first release, which allows you to upload ROS Digital Certificates to SimplePay.

If you are unsure about obtaining these Digital Certificates, please refer to this guide provided by Revenue.

This is a very important process for PAYE Modernisation and all employers or agents (such as payroll bureaus or accounting firms) will need to do this before processing payslips in 2019. Without uploading these certificates, requesting RPNs from ROS and submitting payroll information to ROS is not possible.

To help you through this process, we have compiled a useful guide which can be downloaded here:

PAYE Modernisation Guide – Release 1

Please note that these guides are in PDF format and you will therefore need to have a PDF reader on your computer to view them.

We’ll be in touch again shortly with instructions on how to retrieve RPNs, which contain information on the cut-off points and tax credits of employees.

If you have any difficulties with this new process, please do not hesitate to contact our support team who will be happy to assist.

6 Replies to “PAYE Modernisation Release 1: Authorisation Certificates”

  1. Hi Team,

    ROS Auth Certificate status shows ” linked”. Please advise me how to have this “active” to go further.


    1. Hi Gigin

      Thanks for your comment

      The linked status generally indicates that a certificate has been imported successfully but can’t be activated with ROS for some reason.

      I have asked our super helpful support team to get in touch with you to try and resolve the issue.

    2. Hi Simple Pay
      I have been unable to progress beyond the linked stage of the Ros Cert as the program has failed to recognise my company registration number. How do I resolve this?

      1. Hi Sue. Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance. I am sorry to hear that you are having some difficulties. Please can you send your contact number to [email protected] and I will get a member of the support team to contact you tomorrow to assist you further.

  2. We are also having trouble getting the certificate to activate, the system is linked but we are getting a permissions error (1101)

  3. Hi Barry

    Hi Rachel

    I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties. I have asked one of our super helpful support consultants to contact you to try and resolve the matter. You should hear from them soon. Alternatively, you’re welcoming to send us a mail on [email protected] or give us a call on 01 691 778.

    To ensure the fastest possible resolution for any future queries, please contact support directly via either of the above.

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