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You don't have time to struggle with complicated payroll software. We get that. And you want to be sure you are up to date with all the changing requirements from Revenue. That's why we designed our online payroll system to take as much as possible off your hands, fully compliant with PAYE Modernisation.

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Assumes no knowledge of payroll legislation and requires no previous payroll experience. SimplePay will ask you the right questions to ensure that all your payroll components calculated correctly.


Takes the hassle out of payroll administration. Statutory deductions and contributions (PAYE, USC, PRSI) are calculated automatically.


Promotes and enables compliance with employment law and regulations. The relevant submissions are generated automatically and done electronically wherever possible

Latest News

ROS Statement of Account

3 Feb 2019

Your first Statement of Account is produced by the Revenue computer system based on all payroll submitted with a pay date in January 2019. The Statement of Account contains a chronological list of all tax liabilities incurred, any amendments to these liabilities, all payments made in respect of these liabilities and the balance outstanding at …

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PAYE Modernisation Release 3: Submissions to Revenue

31 Dec 2018

The functionality for submitting payroll information to Revenue in 2019 has now been released.

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PAYE Modernisation Release 2: Bulk RPN Retrieval

28 Dec 2018

The next step in preparing for 2019 payroll is complete: RPNs can now be retrieved for all employees.

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